Donncha Writes: Why I Am Called A Demon

March 10, 2008

demonangel.jpgI really wish I had as interesting a story behind my nickname as Austin does, but I don’t. I just wanted to put the reason I am called a Demon up here for clarification, as people have been wondering why a cat as gorgeous and fabulous as me is called Demon.

It’s dead simple. Toni once called me Little D-Man. Paul misheard her, thought she said ‘demon’. And it stuck.


Toni Writes: What Austin Was Really Like When He Was Small

March 10, 2008

Austin lies. Back in 2000, when Austin was just a nipper, he was so totally different from how he is today, you wouldn’t know it was the same cat. The only thing that he still is that he was back then is jet black. Austin was a scruffy kitten, with mad fur all over the place, completely untameable. He was also royally insane, and managed to destroy a cheese plant my father had had since he was at university by continually climbing up it. Austin spent most of his time pelting around madly and tumbling over – he couldn’t have been more different from the sleek, uber cool giant he is today.

Note from Austin: I am so going to bite you later.

Austin Writes: When I Was Small

March 10, 2008

There aren’t any digital photographs of me when I was a kitten. But I’ll give you a brief description… like I am today, I was beautiful, sleek and wonderfully well behaved. I was black as night (still am) and always in control of myself and my fur. I was a really gorgeous kitten who everyone thought was stunningly handsome. Very little has changed.

Darcy Writes: When I Was Small(er)

March 10, 2008

darcybaby.jpgMhhh… I’m not exactly delighted about this feature my idiot brother came up with. This is the only surviving photo of me as a kitten, and… well, I don’t look particularly pretty in it. In fact, I look like a bit of a freak. Still, I’m gorgeous now, so who cares? I’m probably about three months old in this picture.

Donncha Writes: When I Was Small

March 10, 2008

demonbaby.jpgSo I was thinking, you’ve all seen plenty of photos of the three of us as we are now, but you’ve not seen any photos of when we were kittens! Poor you! It’s a real shame as I was a bloody cute kitten, so I figured I’d start this small mini-series, When I Was Small.

So, here I am, when I was small. Now, I betcha thinking I haven’t changed much at all, and you’d be right. But look how little I am! Compare my size to that of the mobile phone taking the picture – I was dinky! Tiny Demon! Also, look how my ears are way too big for my head! Bless me, I was adorable. I was also a bit cross-eyed when I was a babe, and believe me, I was bloody glad to grow out of that and into the handsome Demon I am today.

Favourite Photo Friday: Princess Darcy

March 10, 2008

darcy.jpgOkay, so it’s Favourite Photo Friday on, erm, Monday, but go with it…

This photo is of Darcy, and was one of the first of her we managed to get that actually resembled her. Due to the adorable black smudge on her nose, she tends to look rather ugly in photos, which is a shame because she’s such a beauty in life. I captured this when she was stalking a fly, and I love it for two reasons. First, you can see how beautiful she actually is, and secondly, you can see how small she is. People don’t tend to believe me when I say how tiny she is, but with this, you can compare her to the DVDs behind her, which are only a bit smaller than her full length.  She’s a gorgeous, tiny wee Princess and we absolutely adore her.

Donncha Writes: The Call of the Wild

March 9, 2008

I KNOW. Where have I been? I know the whole interwebnet has been asking themselves where I am and sending emails to check I’m okay. Thanks both of you everyone!

It’s relatively quiet at Three Cats Towers at the moment. I’ve been enjoying some time outside singing with the sparrows, which leads to Paul trying to get me to say “I am a cat and a demon, not a sparrow” but I do NOT do it. Why can’t I be a sparrow? I so enjoy singing with them and I know they like my company, cos when I go outside to join in their chorus, all of them rush out of the tree REALLY fast to tell their friends I’ve arrived!

That aside, nowt to report. It’s been at least a week since a new toy was bought, but I’m told the humans are going shopping this very noon, so I’m expecting a big, fat apology toy. I’ve also been peeing on the bed quite a bit recently, and the FUSS they make over it, it’s really quite embarrassing for them. Austin was all like “hey, Donncha, why do you pee on the bed?” and I just gave him an uber cool look and said, “cos I can.”

Actually, most of the time I can’t, but it sounded cool. I can’t because whenever I within a three foot radius of the humans big bed, I’m being watched by either one or both of them. And if I so much as think about peeing, they’re all over me and throwing me in the bathroom, while yelling the always-boring “DON-A-CHAAAA” which, FYI, so doesn’t bother me anymore. And it’s not fair, cos sometimes I just wanna sit on the bed, not pee on it, but it’s like they don’t trust me no more or something.

Humans = weird.

Also, I totally chased Austin for an hour this morning – hee! In the end he got fed up of me and smacked me really hard on the nose, but I know – and he knows, deep down – who really won this morning’s confrontation: ME!